Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Project Editorial Quarter page

This a project I recently finished. I re-illustrated a quarter page piece in REAL SIMPLE magazine. The article was on 10 ways to divorceproof a marriage.

This is the original article:

These are my Thumbnail sketches for the new Illustration. 


These are some of my sketches further rendered. (I ended up choosing the couple throwing their phone behind them. One of the topics in the article talked about putting electronics aside and spending time with each other):

This is a scan of the piece before Photoshop editing:

I rendered the image in graphite first. Then I sprayed it with fixative and coated it with a thin layer of varnish (Varnish was too shiny and would have prefer to coat with Mat Medium instead.) Then worked with watercolors (had a bit of trouble with the watercolor on top of the varnish) and I then finished it up with a little white acrylic and color pencil. I am still working out the kinks in this process. 

After a little photoshop editing:

It was then suggested to me that I should continue the hair and vail behind the couple if it was going to be on the other side of the heart. So I went back to the original work and put them in.
This is the final mock-up of the article with my illustration in it. (Changed the color of the font so that it would flow better with the color scheme of the art. And I flipped the man and woman so that the rings were on the proper hands.):

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  1. When you say "...spend as much time on your spouse", does that translate to "...spend as much time on top of your spouse?" 'Cause that sounds pretty divorceproof to me.