Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Lion and The Unicorn- Poster

My friend Benjamin "Moose"  LaRiviere, who is a young film Director and Producer, asked me to make the art for a poster, for his senior film The Lion and The Unicorn. Its was a little different from the art I normally do but I was more that willing to help. He sent me some film stills and I went to work on some thumbnails (which I will put up later).

Here are some of the film stills to get an Idea what the film is like:

From these film still I made up some thumbnails. Drew Struzan's work was an influence for this piece.  When I showed Ben the the sketches, he informed me that the movie was not a horror/action film and had me take all the dead bodies I put in the trees out. The movie was more of a tale of the lion and the unicorns epic battle. I worked out some more thumbnails with him here and from those I arrived at this final sketch.
I run this sketch by Ben, we tweak it a bit and I move on the actual art. Here is the black and white from that.
I didn't have much time to begin with on this project so I decided to work digital when coloring the piece. (A technique I have begun to uses more and more as of late.) I pulled the color pallet from the film stills and then when about working on a Wacon Cintiq brushing in the colors and layered some textures on top to give it a air of hand made.


I handed the work over to Ben and he had a graphic designer lined up to do the Typography to finish off the poster. Unfortunately the graphic designer  fell through and Ben had do the type on his own. The final work is up in Hamilton hall as of right now. I swung by there today and took some pictures.


  1. Wow! This is a wonderfully atmospheric piece! Both the lion and the unicorn have very strong warrior faces - unlike how I've seen them in the past. I love this work!

  2. Ooops,I hit the post button before adding one more thing to my comment. This poster would definitely invite me in to see the film - it's a very interesting portrait. I'm often drawn to a book by it's jacket and the same kind of response I have applies to this poster as well. Good workKxx

  3. Dang, girl! That's awesome. I like the decorative textures in the manes.